Stand Up for Civil Rights and Affirmative Action—
Say NO to White Supremacists and Bigots

Three hundred anti-Nazi protestors rallied against Richard Barrett and a handful of his supporters when they attempted to meet on July 4, 2000 in Morristown New Jersey. Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party took part in the counter-rally and distributed this solidarity statement.

Notorious white supremacist Richard Barrett has chosen Morristown, New Jersey on July 4 to broadcast his message of racism and repression. The local authorities and media urge us not to counter the ultra-right zealots—but we’re doing the right thing by marching today to expose Barrett for the dangerous bigot he is.

History teaches us that "just ignore them and they’ll go away" doesn’t stop fascist violence. Just last year over the July 4th weekend, drive-by killings in Chicago’s suburbs by racists, homophobes and Nazis made national headlines. We have not forgotten these brutal murders and are here today to tell Barrett and his ilk that we won’t tolerate their defense of racist cops and attacks on affirmative action, nor the violence, hatred and murder they foster. We will not stand idly by while he attempts to spread Nazi/white supremacist politics and to erode civil rights in this country.

Fascists like Barrett and his Nationalist Movement capitalize on discontent and blame people of color, uppity women, Jews, immigrants, queers, environmentalists, political activists of all stripes and young people for unemployment and crime. They sow divisions among working people, pick fights, rob banks, burn crosses at Black churches, shoot unarmed people and embolden abusive police.

But the fascists, the KKK and their cohorts can grow only if public officials, civil rights leaders and ordinary citizens fail to mobilize their communities to confront these bigots. Silence emboldens them. Fear is the soil in which they take root.

Today the white supremacists are a small, reviled minority; but many politicians eager for votes echo their politics of scapegoating. Nazis also have rich friends who bankroll their activities and help disperse their irrational philosophy around the world from Morristown to your hometown.

We are glad to be here with the People’s Organization for Progress, New Jersey Freedom Organization and many others to make our voices heard. Together we can send a strong message to Barrett and his buddies that the people of the world are united against them. A multi-racial movement that stands shoulder-to-shoulder with all the targets of repression can eliminate the Nazi menace. Let us work together to build an international united front to end bigotry and racist violence.

Issued by:
Freedom Socialist Party & Radical Women
32 Union Square E., #907, New York, NY, 10003
212-677-7002 Fax 212-228-9732