International Women's Day Solidarity Statement
to the Working Women's Organization in Pakistan
From Radical Women, United States

On this International Women's Day 2003, we send our heartfelt greetings to our sisters in the Working Women's Organization. Know that your Radical Women sisters in the United States stand shoulder to shoulder with you in solidarity against all imperialist war which impacts women and children the hardest.

As you march in Lahore, our Radical Sisters will be marching in Seattle in a jointly initiated, "Women Arise! Defend Our Lives" International Women's Day march and rally. The march calls for uniting with women around the world to stop the U.S. war drive, saving reproductive rights, affirmative action & Title IX sports programs which give equal access to women athletes in schools, demanding healthcare, childcare, social services, affordable housing & quality education, ending domestic violence & the global trafficking of women, standing in solidarity with immigrants and building a multicultural women's movement that creates justice & peace.

Our branches in New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles will be hosting panels focusing on women against war and how to build a feminist antiwar movement. Our Portland, Oregon branch will host a "Cafe Resistance: An Evening of Feminist Cultural Protest against War," which will let the world know that female rights rebels will never be silent in the face of capitalism's war at home and abroad.

We know that feminism is global and we look forward to our continued collaboration to stop the U.S. drive for war. We know that as socialist feminist leaders organizing in the belly of the capitalist beast, that our task is to continue to build an international movement of women and men of all ages which can transform the world into a place of peace, prosperity, good health, for all. Onward to a society based on socialism and democracy. Together, we can do it. Si se puede!

In solidarity,

Nancy Reiko Kato
National Organizer, U.S. Section
Radical Women