May 27, 2019

May 28th Day of Action for Women’s Health and Legal, Free Abortions on Demand

Statement by Mujeres por la Libertad--Argentina

For the eighth time, once again legislation to legalize abortion is coming before the National Congress.

Those who now must address this legislation are the same politicians who opposed the bill to legalize abortion in the Senate last year.

Some of the legislators who voted in favor of this law due to the massive pressure of the female-led Green-scarves tide of women and their supporters, now are saying that this is not the time to demand abortion rights, while others remain silent on the issue.

These are the same legislators who last year struggled with each other to show their support for abortion rights at live microphones and before rolling cameras.

Neither the Fernández-Fernández* slate [Alberto Fernández and ex-president Cristina Fernández are the current Peronist Partido Justicialista candidates in the upcoming October elections] with its declaration of “unity between the Sky Blue and Green scarves” promoted by ex-President Cristina nor the slate led by current President Macri under Federal Peronism with its strong links to the Roman Catholic and Evangelical Churches will ever guarantee us our rights.

It is no coincidence that despite all the current debates, everyone is emphasizing the need for unity around support of a negotiated social pact guarantee the continuity of government.

Clearly, our struggle does not depend on the current candidates promising to govern alongside the International Monetary Fund and pay the External Debt, thereby adding to hunger and the destruction of the country.

We know that the only way to achieve this elementary right is through mass protests and the consistent organization of the women's movement that has been fighting, not only for legal abortion, but for other long-postponed demands for all lesbian, cis and trans women.

Don’t be deceived by their empty calls for unity!

Participate in demonstrations in your province, city or town!

Flood the streets again on May 28!