March 8, 2018

Revolutionary greetings from the women of the Partido Obrero Socialista (POS)

The message of resistance and struggle of the women of the world comes as a hopeful wave to us as Mexican women militants. Indeed, we see indigenous people in our country fighting for their right to life and freedom as students here organize self-defense groups in their schools. We are living in the historical moment of resistance of women in Rojava. With every passing day, women are showing their determination to defend themselves against macho aggression.

Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party provide a necessary reference point for understanding the advancement of women. We thank and admire its members for their courage and organizational capacity. For us, it has been a true honor to know about Clara Fraser and Gloria Martin and learn from them and witness the work of all the members of Radical Women. Your experience is a valuable guide for every member of the POS, but especially for us women. We appreciate Radical Women's optimism and political clarity about the problems we face. Never before had we seen our situation so clearly expressed.

Together with our comrades, we fight with you this March 8 towards the end of the patriarchal capitalist system.

Juanita Acosta,

Ofelia Medina,

Eréndira Munguía,

on behalf of militants and supporters of the Partido Obrero Socialista (Socialist Workers Party), Mexico

Translated by Stephen Durham