January 15, 2017

Justice for Milagro Sala

Ambassador Martin Lousteau
Embassy of the Republic of Argentina
1600 New Hampshire Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

Dear Ambassador Cousteau,
Radical Women previously joined with other groups and individuals to protest the illegal and arbitrary detention of Ms. Milagro Sala, founder of the Túpac Amaru Neighborhood Association in San Salvador in the Jujuy province. The details of her initial arrest and the protests that have been made are outlined in the attached open letter which Radical Women and other groups and individuals sent to you on July 8, 2016.

Ms. Sala has been imprisoned for almost a full year – since January 16, 2016. The United Nations passed a resolution condemning her detention. The U.N. Human Rights Commission called it “arbitrary.” In the meantime, the Supreme Court in Argentina has refused to consider the appeals supported by the lower court. This is a complete miscarriage of justice.

As an international, community-based, socialist feminist organization, Radical Women stands firmly in solidarity with Ms. Sala and other members of the Túpac that are working to combat poverty hunger and unemployment.

As the representative of the Republic of Argentina here in the United States, we call upon you to convey our strong protest to President Mauricio Macri and Governor Gerardo Morales. We call on you to work diligently to secure the immediate release of Ms. Sala. As the U.N. resolution shows, the world is watching.

Justice for Ms. Sala now!

Sincerely, Margaret Viggiani
National Executive Committee
Radical Women, U.S. Section