Radical Women shares this statement of solidarity with Mexican women earthquake victims at the request of the Brazilian feminist organization, the Confederacao das Mulheres do Brasil. We add our heartfelt condolences and solidarity with the women and their families. Radical Women supports the letter's call for no payment to bankers or foreign debt-holders until the affected population has received the means to rebuild their lives.

Solidarity with Mexican Women

A terrible earthquake struck Mexico. It caused incalculable material and structural damages, among them, collapse of many buildings.

And the tragedy reached Mexico City unevenly. The number of women killed by the earthquake nearly doubled that of men. The Mexican women were the main victims of that earthquake that left more than 330 people dead. They were buried in the rubble of the 38 buildings that collapsed in the capital, mostly residential buildings where it was women who were mainly at home when the earth trembled.

In this moment of pain, we want to express our solidarity with the Mexican people and especially with the Mexican women and the families of the victims.

Our hope is that the affected population will be quickly served and have access to all the needs to rebuild their lives. The priority of public budgets should be this and not the payment to bankers.

Mexico is also a country that has had its public resources drained for payments to bankers and remittances of profits to multinationals. A neoliberal policy that always makes the people expect their rights in endless ranks.

The loss of human lives due to a natural disaster in any Latin American country is a tragedy for the whole continent.

Glaucia Morelli
Brazilian Women Confederation
October 4, 2017