Letter from National Radical Women to Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood

Radical Women sends all the staff, nurses, doctors and volunteers at the clinic our deepest support and solidarity. We are sorry for the disruption to your lives and safety that everyone there must be experiencing.

It is outrageous that you face gunfire for providing women's health care and abortions. The anti-abortion, misogynist right wing would send us back to a time when women were property, valued only for the ability to bear children and provide free labor in the home. You are frontline fighters in a battle against their ideology and for women's equality.

We honor your courage in continuing to provide reproductive health services in the face of deadly harassment. And we pledge to continue organizing for full reproductive justice.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help. Radical Women doesn't have a chapter in Colorado Springs. But we do have members who are veteran clinic defenders and abortion rights organizers who could share their experiences.

Members have also traveled to participate in abortion rights actions. So please let us know if you decide to call for national mobilizations.

In solidarity,
Anne Slater
National Organizer