Lynne Stewart is out of prison and back home

Great news - Lynne Stewart has been released from prison and is now home in New York! Stewart is a lifelong civil liberties and civil rights attorney who was unjustly imprisoned under the draconian Patriot Act and is fighting for her life against cancer.

A big thank you and kudos to everyone who wrote a letter, signed a petition, made a phone call (or two, or three), told someone about this miscarriage of justice, or participated in any of hundreds of actions and activities that happened over the years. You are part of the movement that brought Stewart home!

On Monday, Dec. 31, the Bureau of Prisons finally agreed to Lynne's release and within hours a judged signed the order. By the end of the day she was out. Below is a message Stewart wrote upon learning the good news. You can also visit to see pictures of the jubilant crowd of family, friends and supporters who greeted Lynne and her partner Ralph Poynter at LaGuardia airport in New York City. There Stewart stated, "We had tremendous support, tremendous support. We had over 40,000 people sign the petition [to free her from prison]." And Poynter noted that the backing was global, "Eighty countries. Every continent except Antarctica. Every state in the United States."

While in prison, Stewart got a firsthand look at some of the issues plaguing prisons, so in addition to focusing on her health, she plans to fight for changes in the criminal justice system. That's Lynne Stewart - always looking for the next battle against injustice!

Margaret Viggiani
Radical Women

---------- Forwarded message ----------
A Joyous Announcement to the International Movement to Free Lynne Stewart

12/31/12 3:24 pm

My Dears:

Well, the impossible takes a little longer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We learned this morning that the US Attorney's office has made the motion for my compassionate release and that the Order was on Judge Koeltl's desk. Since on the last go-round he stated in Court that he would treat it "favorably", we are now just waiting expectantly.

The wonderful thing is that Ralph is here in Ft Worth for a visit and will bring me back to NYC with him. We don't know when but the rules state that the warden has 2 days to let me go after he receives the order so it could be as early as Friday or a few days more. Whatever it is, I can't stop crying tears of Joy !! I can't stop thinking of all the marvelous people worldwide who made this happen know because each of you played an integral role. My daughter Z is already lining up Sloan Kettering and we will have to see if there is a probation qualification attached to the Order and how it will affect me. After that Ralph will start making arrangements to rent Yankee Stadium for the Welcome Home... Smile
So If this reaches you before midnight tonight raise a glass of bubbly to the joy of all of us that the old girl is OUT !!

Love Struggle,