Fight Texas Abortion Ban SB5!

Dear Friend,

Feminists in Texas are mobilizing for reproductive rights and need your help. Conservative politicians are trying to pass SB5, legislation that essentially ends safe and legal abortion in Texas. The bill not only bans abortion after 20 weeks but also effectively closes 37 out of 42 abortion care facilities in the state.

Over the last weeks, abortion rights supporters have already taken action in Austin , the state capitol. At a June 20th committee hearing on the bill nearly 700 folks did a "people's filibuster" that lasted until 4:00 a.m. On Monday and Tuesday they rallied at the capitol. On Tuesday Senator Wendy Davis did a heroic 11-hour marathon filibuster. After Senate leadership managed to stop the filibuster, protesters used their voices to block a vote on the bill during the last 15-minutes of the session.

But the fight is far from over. Governor Rick Perry has convened another Special Session of the Texas Legislature to try to pass anti-abortion measures. It begins on Monday, July 1 and could last for 30 days.

Things you can do now
  • Spread the word about a Stand with Texas Women rally at noon on Monday, July 1 on the South Steps of the Texas Capitol in Austin

  • Tell Governor Perry to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on special sessions to deny women of their fundamental right to control their own bodies. Call 512-463-2000, fax 512-463-1849, or send a message online through the governor's contact page.

  • Sign up to follow @scatx on Twitter for updates about where, when and how you can send food, beverages and supplies to feminists doing protests and actions in Austin during the special session.

  • Generate media coverage in your area. Contact reporters and columnists, write letters to the editor to explain why you care about what's happening in Texas and are supporting reproductive justice actions.

  • Donate to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas , which has clinics and offices in Austin and is in the thick of the battle at the state capitol.

This fight may not be in your state, but the outcome will affect all of us. Working together, feminists can oppose righting attacks on reproductive rights. Please act today.

In solidarity,
Anne Slater
National Organizer, Radical Women