Radical Women - Stop the harassment, threats and murder of journalists in Honduras

Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

Dear President of the Supreme Court Jorge Alberto Rivera Aviles and Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubi,

We are writing to protest the intimidation of journalists in Honduras and the death threats against Gilda Carolina Silvestrucchi. The assaults, detentions, kidnapping, torture and murder of journalists since 2009 give us a very alarming view of what is happening in Honduras and make us question even more critically the involvement of the United States in funding operations which seem to lead to the killing of reporters.

It is outrageous that harassment is the response to Ms. Silvestrucchi's radio program featuring speakers who exposed problems with mining in Siria Valley and opposition to a proposed mining law.

We urge the Honduran government to take immediate measures to guarantee the safety of Ms. Silvestrucchi and her family, in accordance with Ms. Silvestrucchi's requests. We ask you to apply the protective orders issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for journalists at risk.

We also call on you to launch an immediate, impartial and thorough investigation into the threats against journalists, the harassment of Ms. Silvestrucchi, and the murders of 18 journalists over the last several years. Make the results public and bring those responsible to justice.

Radical Women is an international socialist feminist organization which advocates for the rights of women and all those denied access to justice. We join with other concerned organizations and individuals to call on you to protect the life of Ms. Silvestrucchi and all journalists in Honduras.


Anne Slater

Radical Women, United States Section

National Organizer