Endorse Summer of Choice and Summer of Trust

Dear Summer of Choice and Summer of Trust,

Radical Women endorses your mobilizations to defend abortion rights and counter Operation Rescue's "Summer of Mercy 2." We salute and thank Dr. Carhart who, despite years of harassment, continues to champion every woman's right to control her own body. A woman's access to safe, legal abortion and freedom from forced sterilization are as fundamental as the right to breathe the air -with no apologies, no explanations, and no compromises.

We have faced off with O.R. and others like them in California, Mississippi, New York, Oregon, Washington State, Argentina and Australia. Time and time again we find, as we're sure you do, that the majority of people believe that a woman must be able to make the most crucial decisions about the direction of her life.

The anti-abortion movement tries to terrorize providers out of existence. The far-right is emboldened by an economic depression, skyrocketing prices and desperate competition for jobs. They blame single moms, immigrants, people of color, lesbians/gays, and unionists for society's problems. They strive to turn women into unskilled workers, mandatory mothers, and unpaid nursemaids whose lives can be ruled by husbands and fathers, pharmacists, and religious decrees.

The bigots can and will be stopped by the beautiful flexing of our collective strength such as you are doing. We can build a visible, militant, multi-hued, multi-issue united front capable of stopping the ultra-right and winning survival needs such as full reproductive rights, affordable housing, childcare and education, single-payer healthcare, decent paying jobs, expanded human services and an end to U.S. wars of aggression.

Onward to a world where rightwing ideology is once and for all confined to the dustbins of history, to a global system of shared wealth and cooperation where women of all races control our own destinies!

In solidarity,

Anne Slater
National Organizer,
Radical Women