International Women's Day Greetings From Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


Sending our message of struggle for International Women's Day. Our greetings to Radical Women for your spirit of struggle against the exploitation, oppression and discrimination faced by the world's women.

Murry Weiss was right when he pointed out that the revolution without women is an absolute outrage, deepening the need for the program of revolutionary Marxists to confront sexism and all forms of sexual discrimination. And not only in program, but also in regard to the policy and organizational structure of a revolutionary group.

Globally, women play an important revolutionary role. You need only look at the images of the struggles that are being carried out by the peoples of the Middle East and North of Africa against the tyrannies and presence of imperialists.

In our country, teachers are 85% of the educational system and are the vanguard of the current struggle for improvements in pay and healthcare, and in Puerto Rico the youth are the ultimate expression of the fighting spirit against the education policy set against student needs by the colonial government of Fortuño. In the resistance of the workers and people of Wisconsin it is evident that women are in the forefront.

Hugo Cedeño, Trinchera de los Trabajadores newspaper, República Dominicana

Costa Rica


On the occasion of International Working Women's Day, reaffirming our principles and socialist feminist program, attached is our publication, "Doubly Exploited, Doubly Revolutionary." We appreciate your reading and distribution.

Revolutionary Workers Party (PRT) - Costa Rica

(The publication includes Radical Women's position paper, "Lesbianismo: Una Perspective Feminista Socialista")



The Regional Office of Women's International Democratic Federation (FDIM) for America and the Caribbean, congratulates its partners, affiliates and friends, today 8 March, International Women's Day. 
Ana Milagros Martínez Rielo
Coordinadora Regional FDIM para América y Caribe