A message of solidarity with Partido Obrero on the assassination of their comrade Mariano Ferreyra

Dear comrades of the Partido Obrero,

I write today on behalf of the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women in the United States with our condolences for Partido Obrero and the families, friends and colleagues of Mariano Ferreyra on the incomprehensible loss of such a fighter for the whole working class.

We understand that Ferreyra was taking part in a railway workers’ mobilization vs. outsourced companies where he was attacked by armed thugs with the complicity of the federal police and the police of Buenos Aires province. The murder of a young activist by a group of fellow unionists is an act of betrayal that shows the degree of corruption within the bureaucracy of the Railway Union, led by José Pedraza.

Our organizations, both socialists and feminists, stand in solidarity with the forces of labor, students, and popular movements that are mobilizing now in Argentina to defeat the thugs of business unionism. We understand that we have a common enemy--world capitalism--and that only through international solidarity can we get rid of this monster and all its tentacles.

We join with all the workers of Argentina and throughout the hemisphere to demand that the Kirchner government put in prison those responsible for the killing of Mariano Ferreyra.

Fellow worker Mariano Ferreyra: presente!

Solidarity in the struggle,

Laura Mannen
Freedom Socialist Party
Radical Women