What’s Next After March 4 Actions? Build a Movement out of Sacramento Protests to Win Quality Multi-cultural Education

As thousands march, rally, speak out and strike today against massive cuts to public education, it’s clear that the urgently needed protest movement is growing. But we face a crossroads as even more social programs are being threatened in our once-wealthy state while lawmakers force students and working people to pay for the budget fiasco. Let’s seize this historic opportunity to not only show outrage, but to start on the road to redirecting the economy to meet people’s needs!

Keep It Up—We Are Making an Impact

UC Berkeley students, workers, lecturers and progressive faculty have agitated, protested and held three strikes against layoffs, fee hikes, furloughs, and cuts to classes, libraries and services. We’ve won important gains: several laid-off workers have been rehired, contracting-out of bus driver positions has been ended, library hours are restored, and there’s been worldwide publicity of our struggle. We must continue to organize and demand that UC rolls back the cuts and tuition hikes, rehires all laid-off rank-and-file workers, and halts future cuts except at the management level.

The Fates of Students, Workers, & Faculty Are Tied Together

The Student Worker Action Team, the Rolling University, and building meetings are helping all on campus to learn each other’s issues and the devastating impact of the reductions on undocumented students and the lowest-paid janitors, clericals, and lab workers, most of whom are women and people of color. Management recognizes our combined strength and will try to separate us to divide and conquer. We must watch out for attempts to buy off groups or unions, and staunchly defend the most vulnerable. Our unity lies in student support of staff and staff support of students and in reaching out to parents, other public workers and community groups to connect our common fights. Solidarity is key to victory. An injury to one is an injury to all!

Turn Protests into Actions to Win Education & Public Services

While UCers are rightly in Sacramento to demand free, quality multi-cultural education, the path to success does not lie in relying on the goodwill of Democrats and Republicans. Legislators and the UC Regents will grant our demands only if forced by a powerful movement. The fact is that the money is there to fully fund public education in California as well as welfare, social services and healthcare—by distributing the billions in UC’s coffers, taxing the profits of mega-businesses and the wealthy, and dismantling the obscene prison industry and war machine.

Extend today’s rally by coordinating building action committees on campus, continuing the March 4 regional bodies, democratically discussing demands, and planning united actions, from demonstrations to civil disobedience. By broadening the movement and calling on all those hurt by budget cuts to build statewide actions, we can inspire working people to say No More! and win our richly deserved collective demands. Students and workers have the power to stop the budget slashing today and begin building a socialist economy that guarantees enough for all. ¡Si se puede!

Campus Radical Women, UC Berkeley & Bay Area Freedom Socialist Party
625 Larkin Street #202, San Francisco, CA 94109