RE: Happy Women's Rights Day from Radical Women!

Dear Radical Women,

I am a longtime supporter of your organization from Vancouver Canada.

I think what RW is doing to promote equality between the sexes and colors via socialist revolution is terrific and is the only answer to better human relations and for the survival of the planet. Change we can believe in is both sexes and all colors sticking up for each other against big business.

There is no logical reason women should not represent half, if not more of all civil society posts. Indeed the world would be a better place for it. Women's leadership is more necessary now than ever. Especially that of women of color who constitute the vast majority of humanity, yet suffer most, but still find the time to put all people first. What better qualification for leadership.

Since I have had the pleasure to know of the explicit program of Radical Women for 36 years, I can say with confidence that no other civil rights advocacy group fights, lobbies or work harder for real equality than does RW. Members of Radical Women stand up for working people first and go to bat for women tenaciously, in doing so all rise together.

RWs focus on women's leadership is the logical way to get where we need to be fastest in an era when the times demand it. Where we are now is a crisis begging a catastrophe. The pleading of Democrats still boostering Obama's gradual reform promises only prolong agony (and waste untold millions of dollars and lives because no results are now or will be forthcoming for his current policies). All serious people will agree when reading the first few pages of the RW Manifesto that every solution it proposes after four decades still ring true, fresh and poignant today.

That is because the RW manifesto was grounded in the needs of women of all eras. But the Manifesto today bespeaks really important concerns for men too. Yes, they have changed. I think in part because of RW's tenacious advocacy, which didn't backtrack and held all accountable and got fundamental legislative results. But your fighting manner could something more important. A change in thinking by women and men.

Old-style chauvinist males got exposed as being backwater bigots (at all levels as they were), and the current generation of men got a great compassionate caring lesson for how to conduct human relations at all levels without prior equal. That is what the RW Manifesto means for me.

I as gay white male I think Radical Women has stuck up for my rights and that of all other LGBT people of all colors and nationalities better than all the other NGOs everywhere, anytime. RW is a true champion of the most oppressed in the States and elsewhere. I know Radical Women gets all it funding from poor and working people and not a penny from government or big business. That is why I am happy to give a little when you ask. RW achieves concrete results and improvements for us for every dime I help with, and that is what is needed now more than ever. If RW was on the Stock Exchange and its results were reflected in accomplishments it would provide the best investor returns and never have to ask for a bailout.

Working people can expect that every dollar given to RW will result in big positive socially "profitable" changes in the coming year for us, and more importantly a very new positive world for our children. And when the next downturn comes it will only affect the corporate fat cats and greatly reward women -- thus all will rise together at the justifiable plunge of our nemesis.

I applaud your independence and feel secure that my meager contributions will get manifold better results for the rights of women and all sufferers because you are not beholden to corporate or government interests. I decided that my contribution to the work of RW is going to change the world quicker and for the better of all than any other help I can make in these trying times.

This is why I put my hopes in Radical Women and their clear claims and aims, which they've fought for without compromise or concessions for 40 years.

I am telling all my friends seeking real change to go with RW because your organization is independent and doesn't fib or scam when you promise that you'll fight on the barricades for women, people of color, laborers and LGBTs. You record is hallmarked by concrete victories and without blemish by scandal and concessions.

Thank goodness Americans and freedom fighters globally have a 40-year-old example like RW to look to, depend upon, support and join.

Marcel Hatch
Education Director, Cuba Education Tours, Vancouver, BC Canada