Break down the closet doors! Tear down the border walls!

A solidarity statement from National Radical Women to - Tucson queer activists on Coming Out Day, October 11, 2008 Congratulations to our sisters and brothers of Wingspan (southern Arizona's LGBT community center) and Derechos Humanos (Coalition for Human Rights) on bringing together the queer and immigrant communities as part of Pride celebrations in Tucson, Arizona. You are taking an important stand against the increasingly virulent rightwing hatemongers who attempt to scapegoat both communities in these times of economic chaos.

For two terms, the Bush Administration has used homophobia, sexism and racism to divert attention from the disastrous war on Iraq and reckless economic policies. It built a rightwing political base by preaching "family values," while using raids and deportations to tear apart immigrant families and split up bi-national lesbian and gay couples. In response, millions of immigrant rights marchers hit the streets and unprecedented victories were racked up for same-sex marriage.

Women, immigrants and queers can continue this momentum by going on the offensive to demand civil rights and funding for jobs, education and social services instead of corporate bailouts. Bringing together grassroots queer and immigrant rights organizations, as you are doing today, sets an example for pride celebrations across the country. Such actions will encourage resistance to the anti-gay bigots, Minutemen, and shock jocks.

Radical Women joins you in your determination to build alliances and united actions and not wait for "change" to come from the top. Both the Republican and Democrat presidential candidates are pandering to the culture warriors and corporate donors - stumping against same-sex marriage and amnesty for immigrants. In this political climate, it is especially important to stand up for lesbian, gay, bi and transgender immigrants, the most vulnerable among us, who straddle both worlds. By defending their right to decent employment, to marriage, child custody and amnesty, we defend both communities.

Unite to defend queer and immigrant rights!

In solidarity,
Anita O'Shea,
Queer Action Coordinator
National Radical Women
San Francisco, California
Endorsed by
Queers Without Borders
Hartford, Connecticut