Agenda Highlights

Friday, Oct. 3

9:00am Welcome: Nancy Reiko Kato

9:30am Keynote: Nellie Wong,
prominent Bay Area poet and unionist
Women & revolution — alive & inseparable!

10:30am Policy resolution: Laura Mannen
For a U.S. feminist movement
independent of the twin parties of war & reaction

3:00pm Panel: Standing our ground on labor's front lines

7:30pm Keynote: Lynne Stewart,
embattled human rights attorney
Radical dissent: The righteous response
to an unjust system

Saturday, Oct. 4

9:00am International speakers: Magnificent warriors:
Female leadership in the global freedom struggle

11:30am Policy resolution: Christina López
Estamos en la lucha:
Immigrant women light the fires of resistance

3:30pm Workshops:
• Labor organizing • Marxist feminist theory
• Reproductive justice • Universal childcare
• Young queers • Fighting fascism
• Antiwar movement • Sexism on the Left

7:30pm Entertainment

Sunday, Oct. 5

9:00am Panel: The galvanizing impact of multiracial organizing
in a society divided by racism

1:00pm Workshops:
• Affirmative action • Poetry & rebellion
• Anti-poverty crusaders • Your rights on the job
• Public speaking

2:30pm Workshops:
• People with disabilities v Alternative radio
• Radical youth & elders • Campus activism
• Skills for organizers

7:00pm Banquet

Monday, Oct. 6

10:00am National Organizer's report: Anne Slater

5:00pm Adjourn

Schedule subject to change