Radical Women Statement at Free Nestora Salgado Rally
Seattle, December 10, 2013

By Ann Rogers, Chippewa member of Radical Women

Good Morning to all you hardy supporters. Thank you for being here.

We and others gathered at Mexican consulates all along the West Coast and in New York today are the loud voices that will bring Nestora Salgado home. Already those voices have helped to somewhat improve the deplorable treatment she was getting in prison.

Nestora is the hero that has exposed the corruption in the state and town governments in her hometown region. Authorities that are supposed to protect the people are in collusion with and on the take from organized crime and the drug cartels.

She has also rattled the status quo by empowering the women of her indigenous community. Her message is because you are a woman doesn't mean you are a second class citizen; because you are an indigenous woman doesn't mean you are a second class citizen. And that women must demand equality in the home and beyond and take their rightful place in community leadership.

Standing up for basic human rights and the equality of women should not land a person in a federal prison. That is why we are here at the Mexican consulate today, to point out the horrible injustice of Nestora's case.

The fight to bring her home to her family in Renton will not end with this rally today. If you would like to participate in this ongoing struggle and have not already signed up with the Free Nestora Salgado organizing committee you can do so today.

And to this consulate: We will not quit. If necessary we will be back louder and stronger.

Viva las Mujeres de Mexico!

Viva Nestora Salgado!

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