Sisters Organize for Survival childcare campaign

Statement of Purpose

The Sisters Organize for Survival (SOS) childcare campaign is dedicated to uniting poor and working parents, feminists, childcare providers, and activists into a fighting childcare movement that represents the needs and demands of those who require this service the most.

In Washington State, many families are struggling to pay for childcare. There is a great gap in affordable and subsidized options, with the income level for state assistance set far too low. Costs are more than many working parents earn. As a result, child-rearing continues to fall heavily on mothers, who stay at home with their children to the detriment of their earning ability, educational goals, and independence. Fathers' lives also are limited by the burden of family care and many grandparents are giving up their retirement years in order to be unpaid caregivers. Without childcare, children lose opportunities for safe, stimulating social interactions that boost their happiness and development.

SOS is pushing for a comprehensive state-funded childcare system that is accessible to all parents and guardians on a sliding scale, with services free to the poorest. We aim for parent-controlled quality programs for infants through pre-and after-school care that would be available 24-hours a day for any reason. In order to provide stability and quality care, childcare workers must have a good living wage, union protection, and access to educational opportunities, training and experiential learning.

Access to quality childcare benefits women, children, families, workers and the community at large. It is time to rectify the lack of government support for children and their largely female and unpaid family caretakers. Washington currently promotes a private childcare system that is publicly subsidized. SOS seeks more support for small providers, but opposes a corporate, for-profit model. Washington State can fund childcare and other vital services by taxing the enormous wealth of corporations and millionaires who are not paying their share in taxes. State legislators should also petition the federal government to redirect war spending in order to fully finance social programs that are being bled dry.

The care of children is a social responsibility. Our state cannot afford to wait. Join Sisters Organize for Survival in the fight for this vital service. Now is the time to stand up for women and children!

Sisters Organize for Survival is a campaign of Radical Women.