Fight back against cutbacks & corporate control!
4 days of rallies, actions & no-business-as-usual
at the Capitol Campus, Olympia
Come any or all days! Most activities start at noon.

Download leaflet here
  • End corporate loopholes and give-aways to big business.
  • Stop scapegoating public workers, immigrants and the poor.
  • Don't balance the budget on the backs of women, people of color, and the most vulnerable.
  • Defend public schools and affordable tuition.
  • Hands off collective bargaining. No layoffs or givebacks! Create jobs!
    Tues., April 5 – Day of Action Against Budget Cuts
    Lead organization: Olympia Fair Budget Coalition
    Wed., April 6 – Mobilize for Human Needs & Education
    Lead organization: Washington CAN
    Thurs., April 7 – Medical Care & Mental Health Aid for All
    Lead organization: Service Employees International Union
    Fri., April 8 – Defend Public Employees & Workers' Rights
    Lead organization: Washington State Labor Council

    Additional information available soon.

    For more information, contact Sisters Organize for Survival at (206)722-6057, RWseattle@mindspring.com, www.RadicalWomen.org