Support for Advocates for Averill

Dear Friend of Radical Women,

We thought you would like to participate in a real political campaign for a feminist. Radical Women has endorsed the Linda Averill, who is running for a seat on the Seattle City Council. The race is supposedly non-partisan, but Linda is supported by our sister organization, the Freedom Socialist party. She is running against Margaret Pageler, whose pro-business, pro-police politics are well-known. We think it is time for a feminist voice on the city council.

Linda, a former Radical Women Organizer, is a writer for the Freedom Socialist newspaper and a part-time bus driver. She is running as an out-front feminist and socialist. Linda has been active since her university days as an opponent of the powers that be and now speaks out in her union and the King County Labor Council for women's rights and against privatization of public assets. She stands up for queer rights and for affirmative action.

In her campaign, Linda is talking about Seattle's need for affordable housing and for rent control. She champions real subsidies for childcare and free after-school programs for kids, and she proposes declaring Seattle an Abortion-Safe city where women's health clinics can operate with public support.
Come help Linda kick off her campaign at a barbecue Saturday, July 12, from 2-7 pm at 3822 24th Ave. S., Seattle. Call 206-722-6057 for more information.

Or drop in at Advocates for Averill campaign headquarters at 5018 Rainier Ave S., and see how you can help out. If you are not a registered voter, you can become one. You can sign a petition to get Linda on the ballot without paying the exorbitant filing fee. We will be making campaign signs and finding sites for them, doing doorbelling and leafleting, campaigning at festivals and rallies and other public meetings, and above all injecting women's issues into city politics.

We hope you will want to become a part of this campaign.