Help send two Radical Women to the U.S. Social Forum

Dear Friend,

Radical Women is sending two representatives to the U.S. Social Forum! This gathering of unionists, feminists, leftists, and community organizers of all stripes is happening from June 22-26 in Detroit, Michigan. It is a unique opportunity to meet, learn from and strategize with activists around the nation and the globe. Please help send Cee Fisher and Margaret Viggiani, both dynamic leaders of Radical Women and Sisters Organize for Survival, to Detroit!

It will cost approximately $2,000 for two people to attend the five-day event. $850 has already been donated. Your contribution is needed to raise the remaining $1,150.

Cee and Margaret will be doing a workshop to spread the word about the successful Sisters Organize for Survival campaign to save Basic Health in Washington State (read more about that campaign here). They want to talk with feminists from around the country about coordinating resistance to attacks on immigrants and reproductive rights. They plan to bring home lessons about how other community groups are mobilizing against budget cuts and other key national issues.

To make a donation, just click here to use PayPal online or mail in your check, payable to “Radical Women” to 5018 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118. Please note the donation is for the U.S. Social Forum.

According to the Social Forum website (, the event will “provide a space to build relationships, learn from each other’s experiences, and share analysis of the problems our communities face. It will help develop leadership, vision, and strategy needed to realize another world.

Are you attending the Social Forum? Do you want to meet up with a couple of Radical Women during the event? If so, contact us at, we look forward to collaborating from you!

Thank you for helping add a unique socialist feminist perspective to this vibrant gathering!

In solidarity,

Anne Slater
Radical Women