Below is a powerful warning about the dangers of Norplant and Depo-provera.

To Whom,
In 1996 at the age of 16 I became sexually active. Because my mother had taught me so much about the trials of underage pregnancy, as she was a teacher in the Milwaukee school district, I was very careful about my responsibilities. I looked for birth control, only to be responsible; it was recommended by my providers, after I filled out my financial paperwork, that I accept norplant as a responsible choice. I took this choice, to do the right thing. In 2002 when it was due for my norplant to be removed I looked for more help, as I was in a different relationship, they removed it, and recommended depo-povera, which I stayed on until 2009.

I have now been in the same relationship for 13 years, married for 3. My parents divorced, I never wanted my potential children to not have 2 full time parents, as I know the experience. I waited 10 years to marry my husband. We married, I stopped deop-provera. At first my doctor thought it would just take time for my periods to come regular and full. They never did, and have not since, and probably never will. After a few months, as my insurance would allow I got an ultrasound. This showed two things to my doctor. One: I was never making enough lining in my uterus to fertilize a fetus, and two: I had been put through early menopause due to my choice in birth control. My insurance would not allow for any option of fertility treatments. It is medically unclear (as I have been told) if I am even ovulating anymore.

I have a bachelor's and master's degree from college, I own my own home, I have raised step-children. I waited until I had finished college, meet the right man, and had my own home. Now, I can never have my own children, because I did the right thing. This is not birth control, this is illegal choices made to low income women, like me. No matter what I do, because I tried to do the right thing, I will never have children of my own. What choice is this? It is no different than sterilizing me from birth, because my family was not worthy. Also, I have never collected welfare, or public assistance, just worked hard for everything I have. But, if I don't make enough money to matter? Who cares?

Julie McCallister