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 Dear Friend,  

My name is Teresa Miller and I would like to urge you to make a financial contribution to Radical Women (RW) and its community mobilizing campaign, Sisters Organize for Survival (SOS) . I became involved with these organizations a couple of years ago when they were in the midst of a drive to save the Basic Health program from being eliminated. As a longtime home care provider, I knew how many low-paid workers, families, elders and disabled people relied on this vital service. Working with community groups, unions and grassroots activists, we were successful in saving Basic Health, but as the budget crisis continues, it and other important programs are under the gun again.  

Important organizing is happening right now and your dollars are greatly needed! In the next few weeks, activists intend to raise $6,000 to support Radical Women's overall work, with $1,000 earmarked for Sisters Organize for Survival.

  Radical Women is a unique organization. It is a powerful group of strong, vocal socialist feminists who expose and oppose the increasingly cruel system we live under. Its members and supporters are deeply involved in a wide range of issues. I've worked with RW in defending abortion rights, immigrants and public schools. We have denounced racism and bank-bailouts. I and many other supporters have been part of mobilizations against budget cuts that demand services be funded by taxing the rich and corporations and ending U.S. wars.

  Over the past two years, Radical Women and Sisters Organize for Survival have gone to Olympia to protest, engage legislators, and testify before House and Senate committees. We collected thousands of signatures on a petition to save Basic Health. Thousands more signatures were gathered at community gatherings and more than a dozen union meetings to ask union leaders to build a massive, united fight-back. We've organized seven rallies, attended every day of the April Week of Action, and slept-in at the Rotunda. We've researched and published fact sheets on where tax money comes from and where it goes. And we hosted two community forums on health care and crucial tax issues. As fall approaches, we are getting ready to spearhead another battle against the new budget cuts promised by Governor Gregoire. All these activities require ongoing financing and we hope we can count on your support.

  For example, did you like the Flip the Funding brochure SOS distributed by the thousands last year? It outlined an alternative budget that put to shame the legislature's slash-and-burn approach. A donation of $5.00 would buy a ream of paper for making more copies. A contribution of $80.00 would cover the copying cost for 1,000 more brochures. A gift of $10.00 pays the monthly cost of a fax line that's kept busy contacting legislators about issues you care about. A check for $25.00 covers Internet service for a month so we can all remain connected — Radical Women and its various chapters and supporters, other like-minded social and political organizations and unions — and you!

  You may have noticed RW and SOS picket signs and banners at demonstrations. Banners, no matter how well made, do not last forever. If you'd like to pay for materials to make the next new banner, you need only contribute $75.00.

  Radical Women not only fights for the rights of workers, but walks the talk by providing good conditions for its own small staff. Unlike many bosses these days, RW provides sick leave and medical coverage to employees. For $65.00 you can pay for a month's dental insurance; $300.00 would cover one month's medical insurance. Radical Women's dedicated staff are crucial to organizing the work so that volunteers like me can plug in and get the most done in the time we have available.

  These are just a few examples of where your money could go. I'm asking you, working-class feminists and grassroots people, for help because Radical Women and SOS receive no government fund or corporate grants. We believe in maintaining an independent voice!

  Do you want to make a difference? Please send a check to Radical Women today at New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118. Or click here to make a donation online. Please consider making an on-going commitment by arranging a monthly pledge. Any and every amount is welcome, needed, and greatly appreciated!

  Thank you,

  Teresa Miller SOS volunteer and Radical Women supporter