NY Anti-Fascist Action

On January 19, 2013, the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women joined with over a dozen other endorsing groups from the Greek community, immigrant rights movement, and the Left in New York City to protest against the Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn group and in solidarity with workers fighting austerity measures in Greece. The demo was held in front of the Greek Consulate and was organized in response to a call issued from Athens for an International Day of Antifascist Action. Solidarity protests were held in 18 cities besides Athens in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and North America.

Statements were made by a number of groups at the NYC rally. Emily Woo Yamasaki spoke on behalf of the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women. Above is the speech on YouTube provided by Struggle Video Media. We encourage you to "like" the video and write a comment on the YouTube page with Emily's speech to counter the racist, anti-immigrant, and anti-Left comments that have been posted there by supporters of Golden Dawn.

Down with Golden Dawn and all Neo-Nazis!

Susan Williams
NYC Organizer
Freedom Socialist Party