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Sunday, 8 December, 5.00 pm
Radical Women End-of-Year Open House
Friends, Food and Rebellious Feminism

Are you keen to meet up with like-minded feminists passionate about overhauling the system and ending oppression? Want to revel in the global uprisings that are capable of capsizing the capitalist boat and led by women? Come and celebrate highlights of 2019 with Radical Women. Swap ideas of what needs to be done for the times ahead. Find out what RW has planned for early 2020 and get involved!

Festive food will be available for a $10 donation. Drinks from the bar at solidarity prices.

Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick
(Take the Upfield line to Anstey Station, #19 tram to Stewart Street, or there's plenty of free parking available.)

All genders welcome! Join the facebook event here.

Monday, 25 November, 7.00 pm
Radical Women Organising Meeting
Looking for action?

Want to learn more about Radical Women and how, after decades, this women's leadership group stays so uppity? Here's your chance! This organising meeting will prepare RW's end-of-year Open House and develop 2020 plans to organise around reproductive justice, refugee rights and combating sexual violence in the workplace. Share your ideas and connect with like-minded activists.

Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road Brunswick

Dinner, including vegan option, at 6.30 pm for a $10 donation.

For information, contact
Join the event on facebook

Thursday, 25 July, 6:30 pm
Radical Women dinner & social evening with

Esther Montgomery, co-founder Bullabunna Rainbow Alliance

Esther is a Mardudhunera woman from Karratha in the Pilbara, who now lives in Perth. She is a lesbian, health advocate and co-founder of the Bullabunna Rainbow Alliance.

Relax and network over dinner, hear what the Alliance is doing, and discuss how to build a movement to combat racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and the far right.

Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road Brunswick

Winter warmer curry dinner catering for all diets served for a $10 donation.

Please RSVP to ensure we have enough food.

For more information contact Radical Women or message on facebook.

Saturday, 29 June, 1.30 pm
Rainbow warriors unite!
Get energised by history and build the resistance today

Radical Women will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion in New York's Greenwich Village, which erupted in the early hours of 28 June 1969 and lasted for days. We'll look at what ignited this militant and internationalist queer upsurge and get to the source of homophobia and transphobia. We'll discuss why the persecution of queers is on the rise today, alongside the growth of global fascist and far-right forces. Come share ideas of what is needed to win the world that those inspired by Stonewall were fighting for.

Alison Thorne, socialist feminist author and theorist, union delegate, advocate for transgender rights and 40-year LGBTIQ liberation veteran, will kick off the discussion.

Hearty winter lunch at 1:30 pm for a $10 donation
Discussion kicks off at 2:00 pm
All genders welcome

Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick

For more information contact Radical Women: or 03-9388-0062. Join the facebook event here.

Saturday 1 June, 1:45 pm
Join Radical Women at Melbourne's abortion solidarity rally:

Protest the criminalisation of abortion in the U.S.

Protests are happening across the United States to stop the brutal rightwing assault on abortion rights. A solidarity action is also planned in Melbourne. Radical Women's Helen Gilbert spoke at the Seattle protest, and here is what she said.

This Saturday, 1 June, Radical Women is going to Melbourne's solidarity rally: Protest Against the Criminalisation of Abortion in the U.S. Come with us!

The rally starts at 2:00 pm. We'll meet at 1.45 pm at the Sunken Library sculpture at the State Library near the corner of Swanston and LaTrobe Streets. Look for the placards!

For more information contact

Join the facebook event here.

Thurs. 23 May, 6:00pm
Book Launch
High Voltage Women: Breaking Barriers at Seattle City Light
by labour historian Ellie Belew

A compelling account of pioneering electrical tradeswomen whose fight for affirmative action and against job harassment changed their workplace, their union and their city. Radical Women is incredibly proud of the role played by our founder Clara Fraser and other members in an effort that began in the 1970s and continues today. The book shows how tradeswomen built alliances with men of colour, white male union members and office staff to change the culture of management abuse and life-threatening sexism and racism at Seattle City Light.

Featuring a multi-media presentation and local unionist speakers
Snacks served. Drinks available from the bar.

Electrical Trades Union
Level 1, 200 Arden Street, North Melbourne

Sponsored by Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party

Event information: 03-9388-0062,
Join the Facebook event here.

High Voltage Women is published by Red Letter Press
$25.00 - 224 pages
Order at (go to "Australian purchasers")

Enjoy highlights of Melbourne's High Voltage Women book launch, held at the Electrical Trades Union. Filmmaker Kathy Sport brought together words from the speakers, audio clips from author Ellie Belew, slideshow images, responses from the audience and the lively vibes of the evening. Click here.

Alternate Tuesdays, 29 January - 23 April, 7.00 pm
7-session reading circle

Socialist Feminism:
A roadmap to organising in reactionary times

Are you enraged by the growing viciousness of this system, especially toward women? Want to know what it will take to end this? Be part of this fortnightly reading group examining how it can be done! Participants will analyse writings on socialist feminism from various sources, including pioneering thinkers, feminists of colour, LGBTIQ sisters and international perspectives. Help strategise how to incorporate these lessons into activism today. All genders welcome!

Come for a delicious dinner at 6.30 pm for a $10 donation

Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick

For a study guide or more info, email
A reading pack is available for $6. You can see the facebook event here.

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