MONDAYs from 7-9, starting March 12.    

Overcoming Racism: A Radical Approach

Is racial conflict inevitable in a multi-racial society? Or is it the product of social and economic conditions--past and present--that can be understood and reversed?

This two-part class will use works by writers of color, feminists and radicals to explore these questions and the important leadership role of people of color in all the social justice movements. The challenges and rewards of organizing across color lines as well as various political approaches to accomplishing this will be discussed.

Section I: March 12-April 2 --The Roots of Racial Prejudice
March 12 -- Has racism always existed? The truth can set us free
March 19 -- Profit and prejudice under capitalism
March 26 -- Autonomy or separatism: Which road for people of color?
April 2 -- Blacks and the unfinished Freedom Struggle

Section II: April 9-30 -- Bridging the Race Divide
April 9 -- Feminists of color: Putting it all together
April 16 -- Immigrant workers: Rekindling the spirit of unionism
April 23 -- Challenges and rewards of organizing across color lines
April 30 -- Revolutionary Integration: The people's tool for dismantling the master's house

$20 for the entire series or $3.00 per session. Youth rate $1.00. Fee includes cost of readings and class materials. Snacks will be served at 6:30pm for a small donation.

Classes will be held at New Freeway Hall, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle.

Co-sponsors: Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party. Wheelchair accessible. For more information, to make childcare arrangements, or to get the readings in advance, call (206)722-6057 or email