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Sunday, September 15, 1:00 pm
Bay Area Radical Women Meeting
Justice for Marissa Alexander & Trayvon Martin!
An Indictment of Racism and Sexism in the U.S. Penal System

Why is African American mother and domestic violence survivor Marissa Alexander in a Florida jail facing 20 years for firing a warning shot in the air while the killer of Trayvon Martin got off with a "not guilty" verdict? Examine these and other cases of race, sex and class bias in the capitalist prison system and learn what you can do to help Radical Women build the movement to free Marissa. Discuss what's behind the disproportionate jailing of African American and Latino people—including women of color, the fastest-growing group of U.S. prisoners—while the killing of Black youth and immigrants goes unpunished.

Also get updates on international socialist feminist solidarity work, the $100,000 Freedom Socialist Fund Drive, the Bay Area Comrades of Color Caucus, and the battle to fight privatization and keep City College an accessible, public community college for all.

A homemade lunch, with vegetarian options, will be served at 12:15 p.m. ($8 requested donation). The meeting itself is free and open to all.

The meeting is cosponsored with Bay Area Freedom Socialist Party and takes place at New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk Street, San Francisco, at Ellis Street and near Civic Center BART/Muni. For childcare, please call ahead; for more information, call 415-864-1278 or email

Saturday, August 24, 7:30pm
Women's Rights Day Celebration
A Tribute to Immigrant Women Unmasking Sexual Violence

This event will feature the groundbreaking documentary, "Rape in the Fields," and guest speaker, former farm worker Yolanda Alaniz. Ms. Alaniz is co-author of Viva la Raza: A History of Chicano Identity and Resistance and is active with Los Angeles Radical Women.

A scrumptious home-cooked Mexican supper (with vegetarian option) served at 6:30pm for an $8.50 donation. Door donation $3 (Sliding scale and work exchanges available). Everyone welcome!

The gathering will be held at New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk Street, San Francisco (located six blocks from the Civic Center BART station, and near the #19, 31, 38, 47 & 49 Muni bus lines). For more information or childcare (call 3 days in advance), call 415-864-1278, or email Proceeds benefit the 2013 Freedom Socialist Fund Drive and Radical Women.

Fri., August 2 & Sat., August 3, 9am-5pm
Gigantic Rummage Sale
Here are three ways you can lend a hand to support a bold, independent news source, the Freedom Socialist newspaper:

- Stop 'n shop at the garage sale
- Donate items: house wares, furniture, jewelry, collectibles, tools
- Volunteer: sort and price, pick up donations, staff the sale

The sale takes place at 549 Chenery Street, in San Francisco (between Natick and Roanoke in the Glen Park district, close to Glen Park BART and on the #36 Muni line).

To arrange a drop-off of your quality rummage, or to volunteer, call 415-864-1278.

Sponsored by Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party to benefit the 2013 Freedom Socialist Newspaper $100,000 Fund Drive.

Sunday, July 21, 1:00pm
Community Organizing for Childcare and Public Education — Radical Women hits the streets!
Radical Women meeting

Up and down the West Coast, spirited grassroots movements led by working-class women, women of color, and youth are turning up the volume for quality, publicly funded childcare and schools. From Seattle to San Francisco, the campaigns are reviewed in the Freedom Socialist newspaper. Bring your ideas for mobilizing around these basic needs! Also get updates on the $100,000 Freedom Socialist Fund Drive and the value of non-corporate media in covering feminist issues, and other agenda items.

Home-cooked lunch served at 12:15pm for $7.50 donation

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk Street, San Francisco
(Seven blocks from Civic Center BART station, and on the #19 and #31 Muni bus lines)

This meeting is co-sponsored with the Freedom Socialist Party, and is free and open to all. For more info or childcare (please call ahead): 415-864-1278 or

Thursday, June 13, 7:00pm
Radical Women Meeting
A Feminist Indictment of Rape in the Military

Sexual assault is a pandemic in the armed services, where both women and men are preyed upon. Assailants are rarely punished, victims are targets of retaliation and get no justice. Why has this problem been allowed to fester and what will it take to stop the violence? Add your thoughts in a discussion sponsored by Radical Women.

The meeting is free and open to all.

Home-cooked dinner served at 6:15pm for $7.50 donation

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk Street, San Francisco
(Seven blocks from Civic Center BART station, and on the #19 and #31 bus lines)

For more info or childcare: 415-864-1278 or

Sunday, May 19, 1pm
Combined Radical Women & FSP monthly meeting
Obama's Cruel Immigration Hoax

Immigration "reform" plans proposed by Congress and the President actually benefit big business while penalizing immigrants. Add your comments in a discussion about what kind of reforms would really benefit immigrants. Everyone welcome.

Home-cooked Brunch served at 12:15pm for $8 donation

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco
(at Ellis, near Civic Center, BART/Muni and on #19, 31, 47, & 49 Muni bus lines)

Friday, May 3, 7:00pm
May Day Celebration
Clara Fraser: The Original Socialist Feminist

A public commemoration of this international working-class holiday honoring the life and ideas of "Clara Fraser: The Original Socialist Feminist." The daughter of Russian immigrants, Fraser founded the first revolutionary socialist feminist party in the world and taught a generation of young radicals and feminists how to stand together to fight discrimination and exploitation. Today the party she founded has sections in Australia and the U.S. and works with leftists in Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

Luma Nichol, anti-Nazi organizer and former housemate of Fraser
Norma Gallegos, queer Chicana feminist and public education defender

International Buffet ($10 donation) at 6:00pm

(Door $3-$5.00; $2 students or strikers).
New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St. (at Ellis, 3 blocks from City Hall), San Francisco
For work exchanges or childcare, please call in advance: 415-864-1278 or email bafsp [at] Sponsored by Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party.

Thursday, March 28, 7:00pm
Radical Women Monthly Gathering
Learn about New York City RW campaigns, get the latest on the fight to save public education at City College of San Francisco, and hear how you can make a difference working with a vibrant socialist feminist group.

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St. (at Ellis, 3 blocks from City Hall)
Home-cooked dinner served at 6:15pm for a $7.50 donation.

Everyone is welcome. Wheelchair accessible.
For more info call 415-864-1278, email

Thursday, March 14, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Rally to Save City College of San Francisco
Don't let corporations destroy public education! Take a stand at this protest organized by students, staff, faculty and community supporters in the Save CCSF Coalition. Say No to Privatization, Yes to quality, affordable public education!

San Francisco City Hall at Civic Center, on Polk St. at McAllister St.

For more info, call 415-864-1278 or email

Thursday, March 14, 6:00pm-8:00pm
Post-Rally Get-Together
Relax, warm up and meet CCSF defenders at a social hosted by Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party. Enjoy tasty nibbles, drink & cheer!

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St. (at Ellis, 3 blocks from City Hall)
For more info, call 415-864-1278 or email

Sunday, February 24, 1:00pm
Black History Month meeting
Blacks and the Founding of Public Education

Universal public education in the U.S. sprang into life after the Civil War, propelled by the fierce determination of freed slaves, especially women. The meeting will discuss this vital history as detailed by W.E.B. Du Bois in Black Reconstruction in America, 1860-1880.

A home-cooked lunch is served at 12:15pm for an $8 donation.
The meeting is free and open to all.
Cosponsored by Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party

Saturday January 26, noon - 2:00pm
Protest anti-abortionists!
Radical Women calls on supporters of women's rights to oppose the Walk for Life anti-abortion demonstrators as they march through downtown San Francisco to mark the 40th anniversary of the historic Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision. Bring chants and picket signs and let the country know that the Bay Area supports reproductive rights!

Gather on Market Street at Justin Herman Plaza (cross-street: Steuart).
Contact: baradicalwomen [at], 415-864-1278

Thursday January 17, 7:00 pm
Radical Women Monthly Meeting
Roe v. Wade at 40—The ongoing battle to win reproductive rights for women of all colors

Women in the U.S. won the right to legalized abortion in 1973, but the fight to safeguard reproductive rights rages on. Women of color have been in the forefront of this battle, keeping the needs of poor and working women on the agenda. Share your thoughts on this bedrock feminist issue.

A home-made winter buffet with vegetarian option served at 6:15 pm for $7.50.

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St. (at Ellis), San Francisco. (7 blocks from Civic Center BART, on or near Muni lines #19, 31, 38, 47 & 49) Wheelchair accessible.

Contact: baradicalwomen [at], 415-864-1278

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