Free Tondalo Hall and all imprisoned abused women

Please sign the Ultraviolet petition urging clemency for Tondalo Hall -- the mother who's serving a 30-year sentence for "failing to protect" her children from her abuser. In late June, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board voted to advance her application for clemency. She's already been in prison for 10 years and if she doesn't win now she'll be ineligible for parole for 15 more years. This case is particularly outrageous because the abuser of Tondalo and her children spent only two years in prison and is now free.

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Below is a letter that Radical Women sent for an earlier hearing Pardon and Parole Board hearing on Tondalo's case.


November 6, 2014

Dear Members of the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board,

On behalf of Radical Women, a national organization dedicated to ending discrimination and violence against women, I urge you to grant clemency to Tondalo Hall, sentenced to 30 years for "failing to protect" her children from abuse by her partner. This man evidently also abused and terrorized Hall. Yet he was sentenced to only two years and is now out of jail. We think this disparity of treatment -- amounting to protection for the man who actually inflicted the injuries to the children -- is unjust and does not take into account the well-documented psychological damage suffered by abused women.

Ms. Hall has already served significant prison time. Neither her rehabilitation nor the public interest are advanced by forcing her to complete such an extreme sentence.

Helen Gilbert
National Executive Committee
Radical Women