Why socialism?

Radical Women believes that the liberation of women is indissolubly linked to the battle against all the burning injustices that define capitalism. When we work for the revolutionary transformation of capitalism into a socialist society, we work for a world in which all people may enjoy the right of full humanity and freedom from poverty, war, racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression.

Socialism is a method of collective ownership, shared wealth, and democratic, workingclass rule that fosters cultural freedom and human emancipation. Socialism provides the material basis for women's emancipation. It frees women from the unpaid domestic labor that allows patriarchy and capitalism to flourish and it removes the profit motive that fuels women's second-class status and other divide-and-conquer bigotries. Authentic socialism and principled feminism are consistent, interdependent and harmonious at every point.

But women can't achieve socialism on their own. Radical Women is affiliated with the Freedom Socialist Party, where revolutionary feminist men and women collaborate on building a better world--starting now!

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