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Radical Women is an activist organization that views feminism, the struggle for female equality, as essential to winning liberation for all people. We are socialists, believing that the oppression of women, queers, and people of color originated in the patriarchal private property system and will fall with its replacement by a collective, democratic socialist system. We fight for the leadership of women of color and the most oppressed, knowing that working-class people who suffer multiple forms of oppression are most likely to understand the failures of the present system and to be most open to radical solutions. We are strong supporters of trans people, immigrants, people of color, First Nations, and the working class of the world. We place no faith in political parties that defend or accommodate the profit system; we only support candidates who are explicitly anti-capitalist.

Radical Women is membership-driven and democratic. We welcome as members cisgender and trans women and nonbinary folks who agree with Radical Women's ideas and purpose as an organization that builds women's revolutionary leadership. We survive through the regular financial support of members and supporters, and do not rely on private grants or government funding. Only the membership can determine our priorities or set our strategies.

If this sounds good to you, become a member! Contact U.S. Radical Women at 206-722-6057, In Australia, connect with Radical Women at 03-9388-0062, Or click here to send a message from this website.

For more information about Radical Women's history and ideas, see About Us and read The Radical Women Manifesto: Socialist Feminist Theory, Program and Organizational Structure.