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New Freeway Hall
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Seattle Radical Women Activities

Thursday, March 16, 7:00pm
In-person organizing meeting

Connect with socialist feminism!

Get involved with the fight for reproductive rights and more! Learn from local socialist-feminist organizers at this month's Radical Women Seattle meeting.

Light snacks and drinks available for donation.


New Freeway Hall
5018 Rainier Avenue S., Seattle
On #7 bus line. Near Columbia City Light rail Station.

Sponsored by Radical Women
For more information: 206-722-6057 •

Saturday, March 11, 4:00pm PST
International Women’s Day celebration

Woman – Life – Freedom
Resisting deadly misogyny in Iran and Afghanistan

graphic drawing in black and red on a white background. Title is 'Woman. Life. Freedom.' Drawing shows a back view of a woman with her hair uncovered and both arms raised in the air. One arm is waving a red cloth. Around her are drawings of women throwing rocks at police, holding protest signs, and shooting slingshots. One woman holds up a triangle scarf saying Aborto Libre.


Dorna Abdolazimi is a PhD student in computer science at UW. She was involved with the 2009 Green Movement as a teenager and now works with Feminists for Jina to amplify the voices of revolutionary feminists in Iran.

Masooma Ibrahimi is an artist, writer and filmmaker who reported on women's rights in Afghanistan media. She helped organize Seattle protests of Taliban attacks on women and genocide of the Hazara people.

Helen Gilbert has written on the Iranian police state and suppression of Afghanistani women. She coordinates Radical Women–U.S. and National Mobilization for Reproductive Justice.

New Freeway Hall
5018 Rainier Avenue S., Seattle
On #7 bus line. Near Columbia City Light rail Station.

In-person panel with live stream via our Facebook .

$2-3 door donation
Middle East supper follows the program for a $10 donation

Hosted by Seattle Radical Women

For info: 206-722-6057 •
To arrange childcare, please call two days in advance.

2nd and 4th Sundays, 6:30pm
Open mobilizing meetings

Plug into local reproductive justice organizing

People waving reproductive justice signs on a freeway overpass with banners saying Defend Abortion Rights

Join other activists in a grassroots, intersectional effort to defend abortion and all reproductive justice. The U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Mississippi case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, will undoubtedly gut, if not destroy, abortion rights for most people. People of color and poor and working women will be hardest hit. Destruction of the federal right to abortion will further embolden our state’s patriarchal far right, which already targets Planned Parenthood and other clinics.

Make a difference as you work with like-minded feminists and learn new skills, such as organizing rallies and doing community outreach.

Register here:

Sponsored by the Puget Sound Mobilization for Reproductive Justice

For more information:, 206-722-6057. Ask for Gina. See the demands of the Puget Sound Mobilization for Reproductive Justice at