Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Solidarity Salon
580 Sydney Road
Brunswick, VIC 3056
Tel: 03-9388-0062
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Meet Melbourne Radical Women: article and video interview!

Melbourne Radical Women Activities

Saturday, 4 December, 11.00 am – 2.30 pm

Build union power to stop the far right!

Next Melbourne protest, join the contingent initiated by Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party

Three FSP/Radical Women members holding picket signs against the far right

Organising against the far right is gearing up in Melbourne. At the first counteraction, unionists joined Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party in a tightly disciplined contingent protecting everyone’s safety. We’ll do this again at the next rally on 4 December.

A united front of all movements and communities targeted by the über-right can defeat these shadowy forces that are driving the violent anti-vax, anti-union resistance. Unions are essential for building our united power. If you think so, too, and would like to carry a placard with this message, we’ll have one for you. Or bring your own!

To join the contingent on 4 December, contact for details.

Friday, 3 December, 5.30 pm

Winning the vaccination race means putting the needs of people before profits

Join the petition stall in Brunswick

White facemask saying Condition Critical

Radical Women will send this petition to National Cabinet and federal, state and territory governments in December. Join campaigners, who will take the petition into the community, talk with people about its very do-able solutions and collect more signatures.

The stall will be outside the Brunswick Mechanics Institute, corner of Sydney & Glenlyon Roads, Brunswick.

Check out the petition here. Please sign it and share! For more information about the petition or the stall, contact