Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Solidarity Salon
580 Sydney Road
Brunswick, VIC 3056
Tel: 03-9388-0062
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Melbourne Radical Women Activities

27 April, 7:00pm
In-person Radical Women meeting

To end violence against women, pinpoint its source and destroy it!

woman with fist raised, in a crown of masked people, holding sign-Stop violence against women, tear this system down

First Nations women locked up and killed; trans women murdered; queer women demonised; birthing women abused; immigrant women assaulted; women stalked and raped; no woman considered a person in her own right. This Radical Women gathering will explore the cause of such thoroughly misogynist violence. When we know the source, we can organise a movement to eradicate it. All genders are welcome!

The meeting starts at 7.00 pm with dinner available at 6.30 pm for a $10 donation.

Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Upfield line to Anstey Station, #19 tram to Stewart St, or plenty of free parking available.

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For more info, contact Radical Women: or 03-9388-0062.

Why feminists of all genders must unite to defeat transphobia!

RW has been planning this discussion to align in solidarity with the Trans Pride March. Because the march is postponed until further notice, due to COVID-19, so is this meeting. Please watch out for an update from RW on the new date and arrangements.

Radical Women is a socialist feminist organisation, which stands firmly against both transphobia and a rigid gender binary. This meeting will discuss how transphobia, along with homophobia and sexism, has its roots in the rise of private property and the overthrow of ancient matriarchy.

We’ll learn how to answer the biological determinist views of Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists. We will also celebrate the leadership of the multiracial modern-day transgender warriors who are increasingly visible and fighting back. Our focus will be on trans, CIS and non-binary feminist unity — together, we have a world to win!

Dinner served at 6.30pm for a $10 donation - Discussion kicking off at 7.00 pm.

Solidarity Salon, 580 Sydney Road Brunswick

For more information, contact Radical Women at or 03-9388-0062. You can join the facebook event here.