Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Solidarity Salon
113 Spring St
Reservoir, VIC 3073
Tel: 03-9388-0062
Mailing address: PO BOX 2565, Regent West, VIC 3072
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Melbourne Radical Women Activities

Alternate Wednesdays, 4 October – 13 December, 7.00 pm
Study Circle

Building Unity Against Fascism

Large group of protesters blocking a street in Melbourne, holding signs saying - Unite to stop fascist thugs, Solidarity with everyone targetted by fascists, Blame Abbott-not Muslims, No Room for Racism

As the profit economy gets shakier and class tensions sharpen, these conditions can grow into fascism. The signs are showing around the world. In Australia, Nazis parade in the streets, rally against immigration and trans folks, threaten queer events, and disrupt First Nations commemorations. Fascists appear on electoral ballots.

What is fascism? What is its source and purpose? Who benefits? How do we stop it? This 6-session study circle will delve into writings of Marxists in the centre of anti-fascist struggle from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Solidarity Salon, 113 Spring St, Reservoir
A minute’s walk from Regent train station. Plenty of parking

Dinner served at 6.30 pm for $10 donation. Study circle sessions start at 7.00 pm.

Co-hosted by Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party. Everyone is welcome!

If participating online, check registration links for each session HERE.

To get a copy of the book Building Unity Against Fascism: Classic Marxist Writings ($10), the study guide or more information, drop by Solidarity Salon on Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday, 11.00am - 5.00pm. Or contact RW:, 03-9388-0062

Sunday, 24 September, 4.00 pm

Homes for people, not profit!
How to fix the housing crisis

Hand made signs advocating housing justice

With rents and mortgages soaring, wages plummeting and public housing collapsing (literally), working people are desperately seeking solutions — especially the 56% of Australia’s homeless, who are women and children. We know we won’t find answers in the market or the actions of its parliamentary representatives.

Let’s come together to talk about actual solutions. We’ll hear from
Natalie Wallis, single mother fighting against a $200/week increase
Harry Millward, Renters and Housing Union delegate and retail worker
Amelia Kirk-Harkin, tenant, mother and member of Radical Women

Everyone is welcome!
Dinner will be served after the discussion for a $10 donation.

Solidarity Salon, 113 Spring Street, Reservoir.
Plenty of parking and one minute from Regent railway station.

For more information, contact Radical Women at 03-9388-0062 or