San Francisco, California

Sunday, December 21, 1pm
Uproar in Mexico— A Cry for Justicia!
End the Repression in Guerrero & Everywhere

The September massacre of 43 poor student teachers in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero has set off a firestorm of protest in Mexico and at Mexican Consulates in the U.S. Crooked local police turned the students over to a gang who murdered them. In a related case from Olinalá, Guerrero, Nestora Salgado was thrown in prison over one year ago for organizing an indigenous self-defense squad that was standing up to corrupt officials and narco-violence. Let’s build a movement to stop police blood-shed north and south of the border, and to hold the U.S. and Mexican governments accountable for the epidemic of brutality and racism unleashed against people of color, the young and the poor.

Esther Muñoz, member of MECHx@ at City College of San Francisco
Moisés Montoya, Chicano unionist & Left organizer

Home-cooked brunch (with vegetarian option) is served at 12:15pm
for $8 donation.

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk St., San Francisco (wheelchair accessible)
(7 blocks from Civic Center BART & on #19, 31, 38, 47 & 49 Muni bus lines.)

Sponsored by Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party

For more information or childcare, call 415-864-1278 or email