San Francisco, California

Sunday, April 27, 2:00 pm
Public meeting
Why Capitalism Can't Save the Planet

Featuring discussion about why there is no "market solution" to the climate crisis. Share your concerns and solutions and find out more about the socialist feminist perspective on achieving environmental sanity. Also hear reports on the growing international solidarity efforts to free political prisoner Nestora Salgado, the fight to save City College of San Francisco from downsizing and privatization, and other campaigns. A springtime luncheon, with vegetarian options, is available at 1:15pm for an $8.00 donation.

New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk Street, San Francisco
(Seven blocks from Civic Center BART/Muni, and on the #19 and #31 bus lines)

Sponsored by Radical Women and Freedom Socialist Party. For more information or childcare, call 415-864-1278 or email