Los Angeles, California

Thursday, March 12, 7:00pm
International Women's Day Commemoration
Women's Defiance in Southern Latitudes and Attitudes
This global holiday was founded by socialist women over 100 years ago. Its purpose was -- and still is -- to bring public exposure to the exploitation and discrimination against working women everywhere to call for a collectively organized economy under worker’s control-- Socialism! Women across the globe, especially poor women and women of color, continue to be the most oppressed and, as such, are the natural leaders of the on-going battles against discrimination, poverty wages, state violence, union busting, and the disintegration of indigenous rights.

The program will feature speakers representing a cross-section of particularly graphic examples of oppression in three "southern" arenas:

South America – Reproductive justice advocate and East LA youth organizer Roxanna Curiel will report back from the 13th Encuentro Feminista in Lima, Peru regarding the current climate for women's rights in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Southern California – An El Super grocery worker will discuss the historic boycott by United Food and Commercial Workers to stop union-busting and other unfair labor practices at the chain supermarket.

South of the Border – Salvadoran-born socialist feminist Karla Alegria-Gimeno will provide an update on the Mexican government's recently escalated repression against Nestora Salgado, other imprisoned political prisoners and the connection to the "disappeared" Ayotzinapa 43.

Come learn how you can get involved and help!

Rebel-Girl Dinner served at 6:30pm. $8 donation. Work exchange and sliding scale available. Children welcome. Wheel-chair accessible.

Solidarity Hall Community Center, 2122 W. Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles
South of the 10 freeway Arlington exit, off buslines # 38 and 209. For more information contact radicalwomenla@earthlink.net or 323-732-6416.

Check out the Radical Women Los Angeles Facebook page!

Other Feminist Activities in Los Angeles

Saturday, March 7, 10:00am
The Blk Grrrl Book Fair
Stop by Radical Women’s table at Cielo Galleries/Studios - 3201 Maple Ave, South Los Angeles. Come participate and enjoy the visual art, workshops and more! To volunteer at the Radical Women table call Yuisa at 323-369-6343 or just meet up at the event.
This is sponsored by The Blkgrrl Show.
For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/896726250409454/

Sunday, March 8, 12:00pm
International Women’s Day Rally and March
Join the RW contingent at LA City Hall – 200 N Spring St. Call ahead to carpool or just meet up at the march. Bring signs and noise-makers!
Action sponsored by AF3IRM and Psycho-Cycles.
For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/538207992988172/