Los Angeles, California

Sunday, April 27, 2-5pm
Special reception for
Nellie Wong and Merle Woo
These internationally acclaimed feminist poets from the Bay Area are on tour in Southern California to meet with youth, radicals, immigrants, feminists, queers and rebels of all ages. They are interested in hearing everyone's ideas about how to bring about political and social equality to ensure human survival and the preservation of Mother Earth. Also, learn how to participate in the Freedom Socialist Party National Convention scheduled for May 24-26 in Los Angeles.

The Blu Elefant Café
2024 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles 90018

Admission is free. Hot and cold beverages, pastries and sandwiches will be available for purchase.

Hosted by the LA Comrades of Color Caucus of the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women. For info call 323-732-6416, email fspla@earthlink.net or visit www.socialism.com.